Free CVCC Word Family Dot Marker: -ACK, -ECK -ICK, -OCK, -UCK

The next set of the CVCC printables for -ACK, -ECK -ICK, -OCK, -UCK is the Dot Marker pritnables. These are a favorite for my girls. You can always change up how you use them. Plus you can work on the words you want and do every word a different way.

Free CVCC Word Family Dot Marker: -ACK, -ECK, -ICK, -OCK, -UCK -

There are many different ways to use these pages. I’m always trying to new ways to use them. Here are just a few of the items we use with these pages:

I always vary how we use them each time. This allows them to have fun with the pages and learn while having fun. Who says you always have to use the same page the same way.

Free CVCC Word Family Dot Marker: -ACK, -ECK, -ICK, -OCK, -UCK -

What you will find in these printables:

  • 1 word per page
  • CVC Word Family Words -ack, -eck -ick, -ock, -uck.
  • -ACK words: back, hack, jack, lack, mack, pack, sack, tack
  • -ECK words: beck, deck heck, neck, peck
  • -ICK words: hick, kick, lick, mick, nick, pick, rick, sick, tick, wick
  • -OCK words: bock, dock, hock, jock, lock, mock, pock, rock, sock
  • -UCK words: buck, duck, luck, muck, ruck, tuck, yuck
Free CVCC Word Family Dot Marker: -ACK, -ECK, -ICK, -OCK, -UCK -

What you will find in the CVCC Word Family Dot Marker Pages Selling Set

Don’t want to download the pdfs one of at time? Then grab the CVCC Word Family Dot Marker Selling Set. This has all the CVCC Word Family Dot Marker words in one pdf that is easy to use.

CVCC Word Family Dot Marker: 29 different word family endings -

  • 29 different word endings
  • ACK Words, ALL Words, AMP Words, AND Words, ANG Words, ANK Words, AST Words, ECK Words, ELL Words, END Words, EST Words, ICK Words, ILL Words, IND Words, ING Words, INK Words, IST Words, OCK Words, OLL Words, OND Words, ONG Words, ONK Words, OST Words, UCK Words, ULL Words, UMP Words, UNG Words, UNK Words, UST Words
  • 232 pages
  • Price: $8

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If you are looking for additional fun ways to use these Dot marker CVCC words check out this great post that I did for the Sight Words!


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