Fun Book Finds July 2018

This month was hard to pick out books. Why, because we traveled the whole month! These are books we found in libraries on our trip. Yup, you can have fun and visit libraries while traveling.

It was interesting to see the many different libraries and the different books they carried. Each one arranged books differently and had fun ones for us to read during our breaks from driving.

Eash of these books was a fun book we found that we liked or was something different.

July 2018 Book Finds: easy reader book, bugs, friends, dreams, school, sharing, nursery rhymes, ocean, sky, cars -

As always there are links to Amazon for each of the books so you can get a better look at them. Plus any purchases go to help 3 Dinosaurs keep going.

Jump (I Like to Read, Level A) is a great beginning easy reader book. I love running into these. It has great pictures and wonderful

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Car is a fun book to sing and read at the same time. Plus kids can hum along while you read the book.

Pigeon P.I. is a book about pet birds that go missing and one friend who goes to Pigeon P.I. to get help. And wants to help but he works alone. I love the pictures and all the background text that you can read.

The Little Red Fort is a twist on the Little Red Hen story. But this time it is building a fort. I love the way she learned to make her fort and how her brothers did not but the story has a great ending that I love.

The Big Umbrella is big enough for all. I love the collection of people and things that it gathers under it. The umbrella always has a smile. I cute story about everyone sharing and getting along.

Ocean Meets Sky is a book we just love. We read and loved The Night Gardener by the same author. This time we follow a little boy in his dreams to where the sky meets the ocean. We loved the pictures and had tons of fun with this one.

Twig is a book about a stick bug on her way to her first day of school. She can’t wait but it is hard to be seen when you blend right in with everything. I love the story and the growth process in the book. I also love that seek and find at the end of the book. It is a great way to reread the book and look.

Did you find any good books this month?

July Book Finds -

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