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When you think about it a bit more, it’s really amazing what can be done from something as plain and simple as a piece of paper! To show you just a glimpse, we prepared some of our favorite easy paper crafts to try out with your kids. They will surely love them!

Fun Ideas For Paper - great craft ideas for kids to do afterschool or when they need something fun to do. -

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To start crafting, you will need some of the very basic supplies, like:

Now, let’s see which of these fun paper crafts your kids will pick first!

  1. You probably have a stack of newspaper laying around your home? Perfect! Just what is needed to make newspaper flowers! These flowers look so pretty, kind of rustic and most surely artistic!
  2. Another way to reuse newspapers is to make a leaf garland. Change up the color of the leaves depending on the season. Our favorite is all colors of the fall season! We have many more ideas for newspaper crafts to choose from!
  3. If you’re throwing a summer camp, need something to keep kids occupied over summer break or, maybe throw an under the sea party, let kids make some origami whales! Great origami craft for beginners and even younger kids can participate.
  4. Not fond of whales? How about dogs? Most kids love fluffy little puppies! Invite them to make a couple of their own origami dogs. There are so many fun animals and other items even a little ones can make when it comes to an easy origami crafts!
  5. Did you know that you can make a mini notebook from a single sheet of paper? And, without any cutting or gluing?! How easy does it sound?!
  6. We just love owls! They are a common theme for so many different occasions, from birthdays to anniversaries and seasonal happenings. And for book lovers, we prepared lovely owl corner bookmarks!
  7. And, another super cute craft for little dog lovers! If they happen to also be a book lover, this is an awesome match – let them make cute hug-a-book dog bookmarks! If your child likes to make their own stationery, let them pick next project from our collection of fabulous stationery crafts!
  8. Of course, classic toys are always a favorite! Kids can easily make their own spinning tops from paper. And, when they make them, they will want to play with them!
  9. You probably made paper snowflakes with kids in the past? Did you know that you can use a similar process to make colorful kirigami flowers? So many ways to use them for decoration purposes!
  10. Nothing beats flowers as a gift for mom or grandma, wouldn’t you agree? Now, kids can make lasting flower bouquets from paper to gift away!

We love how many versatile ideas are in this list, from toys to decorations, and most of them are very simple to make! If you like this selection, you will LOVE a new book published by our friend Maggy from Red Ted Art called Easy Paper Project. Holding a collection of both everyday and seasonal crafts, ideas from this book will be a perfect opportunity to sit together with your kids and make lovely lasting memories!

Fun Ideas For Paper - great craft ideas for kids to do afterschool or when they need something fun to do. -

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