Garden in the Woods Fall Trip Review

Garden in the WoodsName: Garden in the Woods
Location: Framingham, Massachusetts
Length of stay: 75 minutes

Garden in the Woods is part of New England Wild Flower Society’s. It is a great collection of plants native to New England. You can see wild selection of common and rare plants to the area. It is fun to see the many different types plant, insect and animal life. There is a fun path to follow through all the plants. Check out our first trip to Garden in the Woods.

This trip was different and very much a compare and contrast to our last visit. We went on this trip to look at the changes from summer to fall. A lot of the plants in bloom and changes were easy to notice. We saw leaves all over that had fallen from the trees. We looked at a lot of plants that had changed from our last visit.

Garden in the Woods

The Lily pond was a different for the girls as well. We did not see the turtles that they loved so much from the last trip. We talked about why that would be. Where the turtles might have gone. It was a great way to bring the differences of season to the visit.

Garden in the Woods

We saw many different types of leaves on the visit. It was good to see the changes in the trees that had lost leaves and those that still had leaves. The walk this time was very different. The girls wanted to rush to see a few of the things they wanted to see. Plus sit on every bench.

Garden in the Woods

The path by the water was very different. It was not as shaded and lots of leaves covering the path. The girls wanted to run, but had to be reminded about how dangerous that could be. We also got to see plants with seeds that were floating around. We got to feel one of the seeds.

Garden in the Woods

Over all it was a great visit and lots of learning.

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5 Responses to Garden in the Woods Fall Trip Review

  1. Samantha says:

    Thanks for sharing. We don’t live too far from Framingham. Looks like this might be worth the drive 🙂

  2. Beautiful photo’s. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  3. jackie says:

    What a beautiful way to spend a Fall day with the kids. The colours are gorgeous! That shot of the trees by the water is heavenly!

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