Gross Motor: Balance Cushion

Balance Cushion

The balance cushion is a new addition at our house. It came recommended by the OT that Mary’s is seeing. So we are giving it a try! This is becoming part of the “Sensory Diet”. Which I will admit is something new for me. I have a few months left to learn a lot in order to take care of the sensory needs.

Balance Cushion

The brand we got has two different sides to it and is called balance cushion. Yes, there are 10 colors and I picked black so there would be less fighting over them. Everything we do on the cushions we use both sides of it.

For the Balance cushion we have been doing different things. Mary likes to sit on them when she is doing work.

Balance Cushion

She does walking across the balance cushions on both sides. This is harder than you think. She often would rather run than walk. We do this as slow as possible.

Balance Cushion

She does running across the Balance Cushions.

Balance Cushion

She does jumping across the balance cushions..

Balance Cushion

She does walking one foot on, one foot off.

Balance Cushion

She does rolling across the balance cushions.

Balance Cushion

Amelia likes to use them to watch TV.

Balance Cushion

Remember to always watch your kids when they have the balance cushions.

Cassie –

PS. There will be lots of Gross Motor coming over the next little while and a huge ABC of Gross Motor in January.

Disclaimer: These activities are meant for personal use and not to replace anything give to your by a doctor, physical therapist, or any other medical professional. This is not to replace something you many already be using but ideas of things you can do.

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  1. Erica says:

    Our OT just showed us this last week and my son loves it. She didn’t mentioned all the other activities you posted and they look like fun!

  2. This looks awesome! Looking forward to your sensory posts!

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