Fun to Read Book Finds June 2019

I love that a huge part of our June is the start of summer reading. That means loads of books to read and looking for the new picture books and other books to read.

We always look for new picture books. You never know what picture book your kids will love until you open it up and read it.

Books are a great way to find out what kids like and may be interested in reading about.

This month’s books are all from our library. We use our library during the summer almost every day. It is fun to see how many books we check out and read. Plus we might find a few new books to add to our favorites.

June 2019 Book Finds - elephants, Walt Disney, immigration, poems, world around us, love, robots -

As always there are links to Amazon for the books so you can read more about the books and some have sample pages you can look at.

Love, Z is a great book about a robot looking for the meaning of love. I love the story and how he learns what love is.

Lion of the Sky: Haiku for All Seasons is a great book of Haiku. I love all the poems that kids can read about! The pictures match up to it wonderfully. They are easy to read and fun.

You Are Never Alone is a wonderful book that explores our connection to the world around us. We are always connected to the air, the plants, and the world around us. There is a note from the author at the end of the book that is a wonderful read.

Walt’s Imagination (A Big Words Biography): The Life of Walt Disney is a wonderful book about his life and how creative he was. There are some fun facts to learn about his life and what he did. You can learn that his life had ups and downs just like everyone else. There is a fun time line at the end of the book for kids to look over.

Gittel’s Journey: An Ellis Island Story is a story about a girl who was coming to Amerlica with her mom but her mom was told she could not go because of health. The littler girl Gittel had to make the journey on her own. This is her story of coming to American and her crossing. It is a great story to remind people about those who were immagrants to the United States and that their stories are important to remember.

A Parade of Elephants is a wonderful book by Kevin Kenkes! We love his books. I also like that this book would make a great easy reader book for early readers. They might need help with a few words but it can make for a fun book to read over and over. Plus it is fun to follow the elephants around!

June Book Finds -

Check out these books from the last few months:

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