Fun Picture Book Finds From April 2019

Pictures books are great learning tools at many different ages. You never know what a child might find in a book they want to know more about. My middle has always loved space but her love of space started with books.

I encourage my girls even my 13-year-old to look for picture books they might like to read. Or what they would find reading to someone else.

We all take turns reading books and enjoy them. We always look for picture books to read when we visit the library.

April 2019 Book Finds: adventure, earth day, trees, space, the moon, farm, farm animals, travel, bedtime, funny -

As always there are links to Amazon for the books so you can read more about the books and some have sample pages you can look at.

The Epic Adventures of Huggie & Stick is a great book about what happens to them when they get lost. I love the letters and how each letter is different and unique to the character. I had a fun time laughing at this book with my girls.

Spring After Spring: How Rachel Carson Inspired the Environmental Movement is a great history book for kids. I love books like these that show history in a different way. This has a comic style reading for kids that love that. It has word bubbles and text on the page. I love seeing the journey for when she was young all the way to Washington. This is a great Earth Day book.

Trees is a book we love reading for Arbor Day this past week. We went looking for a book just about different kinds of trees and found this one. It has little poems about each of the trees.

A Home in the Barn is by one of our favorite authors Margaret Wise Brown. We love reading her stories. I love the telling of the story of the animals as they go through winter in the barn.

Lazy Daisy, Cranky Frankie is a book about animals that don’t do what they should. None of the animals are great at doing their job. The cow is lazy and does not want to eat grass. The book tells you what all the animals are doing differently on the farm. We had a blast reading the book.

A Computer Called Katherine is a book we loved. We read one more of hers but can read many more. I love reading about how she help get us to the moon and a little about her life history. At the end of the book has information about her life and a history timeline you can look over.

April Book Finds -

Check out these books from the last few months:

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