Keeping an Open Communication with Teachers – Free Note to Teacher Printable

With my girls in a public school, I love to keep in contact with the teachers. My oldest was on an IEP for years and it was great because I always saw the teachers and got to talk to them. Well, life changed and she is not on an IEP, but I found that I still needed to keep open contact with the teachers.

Keeping an Open Communication with Teachers - Free Note to Teacher Printable -

Find out How Your Childs Teachers Would Like to hear from You

Every teacher will respond to things differently. There are many ways to keep in contact with the teachers. I find that every teacher is different. Last year I had a teacher that would email a question during the middle of the day with hopes I would get back as soon as I could. I have another teacher that liked phone calls only just before school starts or after school ends. I’ve had some the emails were fine just that they only got back to you once a day or the next day for most questions.

Some questions I ask during open house or at the first meeting I have with them are:

  • Do they like phone calls? Is there a direct number to the room. When do they answer their phone calls?
  • What is their email address? How often do they check it? What is their average time to respond?
  • Will they let me know if there is a problem with a subject?
  • Can I let them know a child is having problems with homework and how?

Once you know what the teacher wants, then write it down so you can keep track of it.

Keep an Open Mind

Everything that happens in life has more than one side to it. Yes, I want to believe my child but the teachers might have seen things differently. I know that I work on keeping things as much open as I can. I know that sometimes things don’t work out and there are problems. I also know that my teachers work on trying to be the best they can to help our kids.

Let Them Know Your Frustrations

If something is happening that is frustrating you or your child let them know. Teachers can’t help if they don’t know. Letting them know as soon as possible is a great idea. They will work with most problems. I just yesterday sent a message to a teacher about something happening and got help back. Never think your concerns are unwarranted.

Pull out some paper and write a note to let them know what is happening or send that email.

Keeping an Open Communication with Teachers - Free Note to Teacher Printable -

Free Note to Teacher Printable

I have a fun free printable for you to help with this. It is a fun Note to Teacher Printable. There is a cat theme or blank. This is just something to help you out. There are two notes per page.

I have several of these printable and easy to locate so that I or my oldest can write a note when we need it.

Keeping an Open Communication with Teachers - Free Note to Teacher Printable -

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10 Responses to Keeping an Open Communication with Teachers – Free Note to Teacher Printable

  1. Kim says:

    You are right. Every teacher has been somewhat different in her/his approach to communicating. Thanks for developing the printable note. I usually write quick notes on scratch paper, but this will look much more professional and show that I care, because I am taking the time and effort to present the note in a nice way.

  2. Heather H says:

    I love the idea of being proactive asking the teacher which form of communication is best for him or her. And your notes are adorable – thank you for sharing them!

  3. ChristyM says:

    This is a handy tool! “Teachers can’t help if they don’t know.” Great point!

  4. This is a great point that the teachers are sometimes not aware of the problem if it happens outside of the classroom or does not affect performance. Great printable too.

  5. Alison says:

    Great ideas! Thanks for linking up at the Thoughtful Spot Blog Hop this week!

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