Making Dot Marker Printables Into Q-Tip Pages

I get asked for more Q-Tip printables a lot. I would love to have time to do nothing but make them! But that does not always happen. I thought I would show you a quick and easy way to make a Dot Marker page into the size for a q-tip.

Making Dot Marker Printables Into Q-Tip Pages -

I did a post a few months ago on a post called Q-Tip Fine Motor CVC Words. I made the CVC Dot Marker Words printable into a size that worked well for a dot maker. I have done this several times and love doing it. But I have more dot maker printables than just the words.

What you need for these activities: q-tips , paints and any dot maker pages (printing directions below).

How to Print the Dot Marker Printables Smaller

Printing more than one page from the PDF onto a single sheet is something we do often. This is best done after you download the printable from the site to your computer. Be sure to keep in mind that pages and orientation are very important when printing.
1. Push print
2. Select pages you want ( I used the letters from my daughters name)
3. Move to multiple under Size & handling
4. In Pages per sheet select 4
5. Page order should be Vertical
6. Orientation should be Auto Rotate Pages

Making Dot Marker Printables Into Q-Tip Pages -

Making Q-Tip Flowers
After you have your dot maker pages printed smaller have some fun. The first exmple I’ll show you is that Spring Dot Marker Printables. For this example I picked 4 flowers. This was fun because it has colors you need on the circles and just match up the paints.

Making Dot Marker Printables Into Q-Tip Pages -

Making Q-Tip ABCs

I love doing what every letter we are working in the q-tip if we have done them before. In this case we did some uppercase and lowercase of the letters from my youngest name. This is fun for her to work on. Plus it changes up the fine motor skills that she uses. Then after you can done you can practice spelling their name. It is loads of fun for kids. You could also do all 26 letters and use them for spelling sight words, CVC or CVCC words. There are endless uses for them.

Making Dot Marker Printables Into Q-Tip Pages -

I have a lot of variety on printables on the site. There are dot makers for a lot of the packs plus numbers, shapes and more. There is bound to be something fun you can change into a q-tip page to change things up.
Here are some other Dot Marker Printables on 3 Dinosaurs!

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