March 2015 Book Finds

This was a hard month to pick just a few books. We read so many great new books this month. I tried to pick the girls favorites from the month. This is a mix of books we bought and books we got at the library. It is always fun to look for new books. There are so many new and old interesting books to find.

March 2015 Book Finds: flowers, 4 seasons, fairy tales, bullies, artists, gifts for mom, worms, farm  -

Be sure and let me know which of these book you liked the most!

Flowers Are Calling is a great book to learn about different flower and the different bugs and animals that visit them. This book has information about different flower that bloom in the day and night. I love how much fact information is in the book.

What Forest Knows is a book about a dog and boy explore the forest and tell you about all the season. Lots of fun to look for the dog and see the pictures that match the words you read on the page.

I Am Not Little Red Riding Hood is a cute story about a girl looking for snow and she is not little red riding hood but she has a red scarf. she does not find a big bad wolf but runs into a polar bear. A fun story to read and a fun twist on a classic.

The Little Moon Raven is by the same author as The Rainbow Fish. It has a story to tell about bullies and picking on little and different ravens. It was a great story and we really liked the message. I also like how it starts out with the ravens being bored and a story that was told.

The Iridescence of Birds: A Book About Henri Matisse is a great book about about Henri Matisse. You explore colors, patterns and his life in small ways in the book. The back of the book has some wonderful information that the author and illustrator did about his life. The book has wonderful pictures.

Once Upon a Cloud is a story of a girl and looking for a perfect gift for her mother. Just before she falls asleep the wind comes in and carries her away. She meets the start, moon, sun and more and she thinks about everything they showed her. On her way home she find the perfect gift for her mom. We really did enjoy this book. It should also be noted they also worked on Frozen and Tangled.

Superworm is the worm you call if you are in trouble. But what happens when superworm get caught. Who saves him? See how the friends come together to save him. I really like this story by Julia Donaldson. We have done several activities with her books in the Virtual Book club. This is a fun read for sure.

Click, Clack, Peep! is the newest book in the series. It is tons of fun to read. A small egg arrives and it hatches. They have a baby duck, but he wont go to sleep. Watch the farm animals work to put the baby duck to sleep.

March Book Finds

What was your favorite book this month?

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