Monthly Goals December 2015 Plus Menu & To Do Lists for Christmas

I can’t believe this is the last post of goals for 2015! Where did the year go? I really do love making goals. When I post about them I really do get more done. It also makes me reflect on how I did with my goals. December is a VERY busy month for my girls and I. Between Christmas and Hanukkah we just seem to run around. This year I want it to be more relaxed and not as stressed as it has been other years.

I have also made a new set of themed printables for Menus, Shopping List and To Do Lists for the Christmas season! You can find out about more of them later in the post!

Free Menu & To Do Lists with 2 Christmas Themes -
3 Dinosaurs Monthly Goals

Blog Goals

November had its challenges for me. I found that I really did love what I’m doing but making time for everything is hard. I also put more effort into spending less time and focus more on what I’m doing. I found that I started lots of projects but did not finish any of them. I need to work on doing projects from start to finish.

  • Buy a Blog planner for 2016
  • Get the Romping & Roaring Color Word Packs out (Keep an eye out for these!)
  • Finish up next BIG Selling set for February
  • Finish 2 smaller selling products for the month
  • Don’t buy any new craft supplies for the rest of the year
  • Clean up my blogging area DAILY. I feel and work better when things are not cluttered. If it takes me 5 minutes to find something it is too messy.
  • Update 2 old post each week or update two download pages with links to the blog. (ON GOING)
  • Come up with a system to keep track of printables completed but not out.
  • Keep a better list of projects started but not finished (I have around 33 projects started. I started lots of printables I did not finish this month.)

Family Goals

The goal as a family is to enjoy the Christmas season! We want to relax and enjoy it without tons and tons of stress happening. This means we all work together for a goal. I hope to clean more with my girls an help them learn to work together. It is a good idea. I’m hoping for it to work.

  • Keep the spirit of the season and buy less for Christmas
  • Make a Christmas Shopping List
  • Keep a TO DO LIST! I need this I get more done even if I don’t complete it all (See below for new Christmas themed ones)
  • Declutter one area 15 minutes every day until one area is clean. The areas I’ll be cleaning are kitchen, stairs, my bedroom, the office room (Look for pictures on Instagram
  • Have no laundry to fold at the end of the day. Then keep track on my to-do list, so I don’t forget laundry in washer.
  • Read more to my girls not less
  • Find one on one time more with my girls
  • Add to the girls chore list and help them learn the chore. (Working on Chore Charts)
  • Make fun boxes for Christmas Break.

Personal Goals

This last month I took time for me every day. Even if it meant the blog did not happen as on time as I wanted. My health is everything right now. I’m fighting to get it back every day. I will keep me going forward every day. My fitness is before everything. I got a happy update from the doctor and that made me really happy!

  • Daily Fitness – This means fitness comes before ANYTHING else. I have been doing this for two months and making this goal again because it is a good reminder for me.
  • Make 10,000 steps EVERY day. I’ll be using a Fitbit Charge HR Wireless Activity Wristband to help with my tracking.
  • Schedule a time out for me twice a month
  • Read 5 fun books during the month – Don’t always get new books, enjoy rereading books as well.
  • Finish My books up that I’ve not finished: self help and parenting books list.
  • Stretch three times a day to avoid problems
  • Color in my coloring book when I get stressed or need a mommy time out

Free Christmas Themed To Do List, Menu and Shopping Lists

I have grown to love my menu and to do list printables. I really do get more done when I have them. This year I thought it would be fun to have some Christmas Themed ones. The two themes are a Christmas tree & fireplace and the Nativity scene with Joseph, Mary, and baby Jesus.

I wanted to have two different for the month. It is fun to have different printables for the season. Why can I have one for me! Christmas is my favorite season!

Free Menu & To Do Lists with 2 Christmas Themes -

What you will find in the Christmas Themed Menu & Shopping List printables:

  • 1 menu with Spaces for Breakfast, Lunch, Snack and Dinner. Dinner has notes for main dish and sides.
  • 1 menu with Spaces for Breakfast, Lunch, 2 Snacks and Dinner. Dinner has notes for main dish and sides.
  • 1 menu with Spaces for Breakfast, Lunch divided in two, 2 Snacks and Dinner. Dinner has notes for main dish and sides.
  • 2 Different shopping list types: single store or 2 multiple stores
  • Two columns for your list(s)

What you will find in the Christmas Themed To Do List Printable:

  • To Do
  • Clean
  • Laundry
  • Errands/Appointments
  • Water
  • Fitness
  • Reading
  • Personal Time

If you are looking for other Christmas printables check out the other packs on 3 Dinosaurs:

Round up of Christmas Printables from 3 Dinosaurs

What are you goals for the month? Leave a comment and let me know.

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