Monthly Goals February 2015 with Free Winter Shopping List

It is time for the monthly goals again. Each month I look over what I want to do and what is and is not working. Each month I work hard on making my goals work. It takes effort to make a goal and stick to it. I will say that with my goals and to do list I feel better when I have written them down in some format.

I have a printed list that I use to look at as well. So I can cross off my list as I get them done. Some goals will be daily and some are weekly, while others might be something I do once a month.

To help with one of my goals this month I made a new printable. It is a Winter Themed Shopping List Printable. You can find out more about it below.

Free Winter Shopping List -

As always I break my goals into a three different areas: Blog Goals, Family Goals, and Personal Goals. This helps me break down my goals into what is working for each area.

Blog Goals

I think I have tons of goals that I would love to do this month but I’m going to try and keep things simple and easy. I have some projects I would love to get to. I just need to remember to keep things easy and go easy. I did not get as much done as i wanted to last month. I thought I had made goals that would be good and ended up not being as good.

  • Celebrate 3 Dinosaurs 3 year anniversary
  • Start Smaller selling projects
  • Use the Blog Planner – Print and Use
  • Turn in projects early – this means well before due date
  • Update and fix 2 old posts or download pages each week
  • Work on some older age projects for the upcoming seasons – 1st – 3rd Grade Activities
  • Keep getting up early 5 days a week and take weekends off for early mornings.
  • Get better about Instagram! I really need to make sure I’m doing it every day.
  • Don’t buy any new craft supplies, use only what I have for 3 months – I made one month 2 more to go

Family Goals

A lot of my family goals is really about me being a better mom and wife. I need to keep better track of what I’m doing and working on. Some of these goals work nicely into my To Do lists and Menus that I have made. I have found that the cleaner the house is the better that I do.

  • Have no laundry to fold at the end of the day & Keep track of the loads that I’m doing
  • No dishes in the sink (or on the counter, stove etc) at the end of the day – this helps me start my day out right
  • Spend more time reading as a group with the girls. We have been reading chapter books together.
  • Make a weekly menu to make shopping and cooking easier for me and if someone else has to take over. (Use Winter Menu)
  • No shopping without a shopping list (See below for printable)
  • Cook breakfast on school days
  • Do gross motor with my girls every day – Help the girls get out of their Cabin Fever from winter

Personal Goals

These goals have not changed much but are still needed to remind me what is important. I think some times that I take me as the last person that need something instead of really taking time for me. I need my work hours and non work ours to make sure that I’m also doing what I need for my health.

  • Take time to unwind from stressful days and give myself a time out time if needed
  • Listen to one conference talk every day
  • 5 days of fitness – Break down into smaller parts to help me get time for it
  • Become more Healthy in my eating habits. I don’t want to eat at the computer and going to avoid soda.
  • Schedule my personal time! This means set a time and what I’ll do.
  • Read every day personal and learning
  • Read 50 books in 2015 – I used to do this and loved it. Now I’m back for the challenge again. Parenting and self help book list I’ve got 12 books ready for the year so far.

Free Winter Themed Shopping List

I don’t like to go shopping and often forget my shopping list. I have found I buy more than we need. A big goal is not to shop without a shopping list. This means I get just what is on the list and nothing more.

I have found that when I do that we spend less money. I also tend to shop at more than one place for some things. I wanted to make a list that would divide things between stores. These are easy to us and I plan on using them a lot.

Free Winter Shopping List -

What you will find in these printables:

  • 2 Different shopping list types: single store or 2 multiple stores
  • Two columns for your list(s)

Looking for other seasonal menus or to do list check these out:

About Cassie

Cassie is a mom of three stomping, romping, and roaring girls. She blogs about fun art and craft activities and printables she makes. She includes the odd review of products every now and then. She also blogs about the places that she has taken the girls called trip reviews. She has a few free printable pack for kids ages 2 to 8 and always adding more. She loves to get comments and feedback and always looking for new things to try or do with her girls.
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14 Responses to Monthly Goals February 2015 with Free Winter Shopping List

  1. Sounds like you are super organized and will get it all done! I am so glad to see you all linking up your goals too. It’s nice when you have support and accountability. I’m thankful I ran across it on Mama Smiles.

  2. I’m super inspired that you have a bunch of goals. I’m working on building this accountability muscle by adding some more bit by bit. Love that you’re going to write a list before you shop. You’ll save money that way.

    • Cassie says:

      Some Of my goals started last year and I’ve just keep at them. Reviewing what they are each month has really helped me. I do better with my laundry than I ever have before. I work on it every day now and don’t do more than I have to.

      I find that breaking down my goals in different areas helps as well.

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  4. I look forward to hearing about the books you read!

  5. Nicola says:

    I love the simplicity of your goals this month. Setting goals will only work if we are realistic about them. We can all make big bold lists but if we actually want to achieve them then we need to break them down into easy, manageable chunks which you seem to have done.
    I m working in scheduling some me time as well. We often put our needs last but to be the best parent we can then we need to look after our own needs as well. I d love to read more as well, actual books that i can hold to take a break from the screen!

  6. Jill says:

    Happy Anniversary! 3 wonderful years!

    How do you do with the no laundry to fold goal? That is really hard to do with 2 kids, so I am curious how you manage it daily.

    Thank you for stopping by the Thoughtful Spot Weekly Blog Hop this week. We hope to see you drop by our neck of the woods next week!

    • Cassie says:

      I keep my loads simple. I plan out how many I will do each day and keep to just that. For me it ends up about 2 loads a day. There is always laundry to wash, but none left to fold at the end of the day. I find having no laundry to fold keeps me a much happier mommy.

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