Fun Books To Read October 2018 Book Finds

Every month we look for fun picture books. We search the bookstores and library. It is fun to see what books we can find.

We all look for them and read them together. Yes, we read picture books beyond preschool and kindergarten. I like that picture books teach us so much and we can enjoy learning from them.

This month I have a favorite author that has a new book and some other fun books we found.

October 2018 Book Finds: new places, fears, four seasons, weather, birds, animals, silly books, Mo Willems -

As always there are links to all the books on Amazon. Any sales with our affiliate links help keep 3 Dinosaurs going!

I Lost My Tooth! (Unlimited Squirrels) is a new Mo Willems book! We just love these books. They are always fun to read and must buy for us!

Look at Me!: How to Attract Attention in the Animal World is a great animal book. We are always looking for fun animal books to read. There was frogs, fish birds and more. See how these animals atract attention.

The Day You Begin is about connecting with others when you are new and scared. That is can be okay and that everyone might feel that way at some time.

The Weather Girls is a fun look at the weather in the different seasons. It is always fun to find new books for this. I love the fonts they used and how some words are bigger than others.

The Book About Nothing is a very fun book to read. Because it has loads of words and exmaples of well nothing. Because nothing was somethig to start with! We had fun using different voices while reading the book.

Crow Not Crow is a book about beginning bird watching. You see many books and learn some simple techniques for watching birds.

Did you find any good books this month?

October Book Finds -

Check out these books from the last few months:

Cassie –

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