Printing Calendar Cards Smaller

There are several different calendar themes on the site. I often get asked to make the cards smaller for people that don’t have a big calendar theme board. I don’t always have the time to make a smaller set. I thought I would take a few minutes and show you how to print the cards smaller to fit into a smaller pocket chart.

Printing Calendar Cards Smaller -

The normal size of the cards is about 3×3 inches. Most people are looking for that size to fit into their calendar pocket chart.

I’ve had several requests for smaller cards. This is not always easy to do. But I can show you how we make those cards smaller for our house.

Several years ago Target put out small pocket charts. They were idea for those with small places to use. The pocket height is around 1 inch. I’ve been printing the cards we have been using smaller to fit into it. The example of the cards we are using are the Planet Calendar Cards.

Printing Directions

These directions should print out all the cards on three pages. I print my calendar cards on cardstock to help them last longer. You could also laminate them. See the image below for what your print window should look like.

1. Push print
2. Select pages 2 through 10.
3. Move to multiple under Size & handling
4. In Pages per sheet select 4
5. Page order should be Horizontal
6. Orientation should be Landscape (I like landscape better for this than Portrait.)

Printing Calendar Cards Smaller -

After you are all done this is what your calendar should look like. There is plenty of space for the cards and is easy to change up.

Printing Calendar Cards Smaller -

A fun activity that we did with this calendar set was the print both the white and black cards and use the white cards to cover the black ones as we got to the day. This could also be done with other calendar cards by printing one set in black and white and one in color.

Printing Calendar Cards Smaller -

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