51+ School Themed Printables & Articles

School is one theme that gets used for the whole school year! There are so many great school themes like pencils, books, school helps, and more.

I have collected all the posts and printables on school or schooling in one place to make it easier for you to find!

I know that some favorites that people love have been the homework punch cards, desk helps, and notes for teachers. You can have a fun time looking for your new favorite school themed printable.

51+ School Themed Printables & Articles - a fun collection of printables, activities and articles that include printable packs, ABCs, numbers, math and more - 3Dinosaurs.com

We have included links to some of the products and resources we have used with this activity. If you purchase via the links we may earn a small commission.

I know that every year I’m always adding more fun activities to the school theme. You can keep track of this post to help you find all the school themes.

Below they are divided into groups of printables, activities, parenting articles, and things to use with the printable and activities.

Things to use with these School themed Printables & Activities

Below is a collection of items we have used with the school printable and activities. I often get asked what we use more with the printables so here is what is most often used.

School Themed Printables

I have a small collection of different printables with a school themed. You have some themed packs, numbers, writing, parenting helps help for kids and more. I know that I’m always adding more for kids as the years go by.

45+ School Themed Printables & Articles  - 3Dinosaurs.com

School Themed Printable Packs

These are all printable packs that work with a school theme and are great for working in different areas. Each pack has a mix of levels of learning.

School Themed Weekly Packs have individual packs for Prek, Kindergarten, First Grade, Second Grade, Third Grade, and Fourth Grade. They have 5 days of printables with a mix of hands-on and no-prep.

The School Pack will help you learn about items for school. It is great for kids ages 2 to 7. You will find Tot, Preschool, PreK, and Kindergarten Activities!

Book Activities Pack: Prewriting, Shapes, ABCs & Numbers is a great way to work on loads of fun skills with a great themed that all work together nicely. It has easy reader books, clip cards, tracing strips and no-prep pages.

Have a little fun with Pete the Cat Pack learning about shoes, buttons and school.

School ABC Printables

These printable work on areas of learning the alphabet. You will find ABCs, tracing letters, easy reader books and more.

Easy No-Prep Pencil Find - easy no-prep printables with a fun school theme 52 pages with uppercase and lowercase $ - 3Dinosaurs.com

A fun school theme ABC easy read book that has school supplies and tracing of lowercase letters.

A pencil themed ABC find has all 26 letters in uppercase and lowercase options.

No-Prep School ABCs, Numbers & Shapes has 30 pages of activities for kids to work on ABCs, numbers and shapes. Every day you can use a new page.

School Bus Theme ABC Order Task Cards has 2 sets of ABC cards in uppercase and lowercase with 3 optoins for recording sheets. This is an easy no-prep printable.

School Themed Dot The Letter & Trace the Sentence is a great way to work on lowercase letter and ABCs.

School Supplies Themed ABC Tracing Strips are a great way to work on uppercase and lowercase letters together.

School Learning to Read Printables

100 Days of School Easy Reader Book is a fun and creative book about counting to 100 and being in school 100 days.

Pencil Color Themed Clip Cards & Easy Reader Book is two fun printables together to work on color words.

I Can Greet My Friends Easy Reader Book was made for 2020 for you to show fun ways to greet friends at school while wearing a mask.

I Can Wear A Mask Easy Reader Book is another book for 2020 about wearing makes and learning at school.

School Writing Printables

The Fall Thank You Notes For Teachers are great for the start of fall. They have fun pumpkins on them.

The Christmas Thank You Notes have really cute trees on them.

The Nativity Themed Thank You Cards are great for those in a religious school.

The Spring Thank You Cards have fun flowers on them.

School Themed Math Printables

You are going to find a mix of math. There is a mix of grade level activities for kids to do.

Skip Counting: Bus Theme Task Cards - 12 wall cards with matching task cards and worksheets - 3Dinosaurs.com #taskcards #tpt #skipcounting #backtoschool

Bus Themed Skip Counting Set has skip counting from 1 to 12 with wall cards, task cards and worksheets.

School Themed No-Prep Math is 30 no-prep printables for addition & subtraction or multiplication & Division. These all have fun school themes.

100 Days of School Easy Reader Book is a fun easy reader book for kids to count with 100!

Pencil Groups Multiplication Clip Cards has 12 fun clip cards with matching worksheet to fill out.

Pencil Themed Multiplication & Division Sorting is a great way to work on learning if it is multiplication or division!

Crayon Themed Subtraction Sorting is a great hands on math center for kids working on subtraction within 20.

Pencil Ten Frame Addition Cards & Worksheet has 12 cards with two types for kids to work on addition.

School Number Printables

You are going to find school number printables for numbers, counting, ten frames, number easy reader books and more!

School Themed Ten Frame Printables: No-Prep & Hands-On - 168 pages of printables working on ten frame activities for numbers 1 to 20 with hands-on and no-prep: cards, worksheets and easy reader books - 3Dinosaurs.com #handsonmath #teacherspayteachers #tenframe #schoolprintablesforkids #printablesforkids

Crayon Number Dot Marker & Counting is a 0 to 20 set that has dot marker number and counting with a crayon theme.

A very fun School Ten Frame Activities (1-20) has loads of school supplies that works on numbers from 1 to 20.

Pencil Counting Book with Chart is a fun easy reader book with numbers 0 to 10.

Pencil Number Find is a great no-prep printable that you can use with kids working on number digit and number word.

School Themed Number Color & Trace is a no-prep printable with two options for writing and tracing with numbers 0 to 20.

Learn numbers 1 to 10 with this simple Pencil Counting Book. This is one of my FreeHomeschoolDeals.com printables.

School Helps for Parents & Kids

You are going to find a mix of activities here to help with school. You have homework help, help desks, and more.

Managing Homework Ideas & Free Homework Punch Cards - 3Dinosaurs.com

Daily Visual School Schedule for Remote, Hybrid or At Home Learning is a great schedule for those that need a visual reminder about what comes next and the times. Plus it has three schedule types.

Grab your First & Last Day of School Pictures Printables to use to take pictures of your kids.

Keep track of meeting with teachers with the Parent Teacher Conference Notes Printable.

Help kids with their homework with these Help Desks & Word Charts.

Keep kids working on their homework with these Homework Punch Cards.

A fun homework punch bookmarks for older kids that has 5 subjects and space to write in more.

Keep trace of specials and classes with the Weekly School Calendar

Other School Printables

A Fun School Calendar Printables. It has AB pattern and one with 6 images.

Fall Themed School Lunch Menu has space for snack and lunch with a shopping list.

Winter Themed Weekly School Lunch Menu has space for snack and lunch with a shopping list.

Have fun with the School Theme Prewriting Printables. This is one of my FreeHomeschoolDeals.com printables.

School Themed Activities

Wheels on the Bus: Gross Motor

Get kids moving with the Wheels on the Bus Gross Motor activity.

Schooling Articles

Over the years I’ve joined others to write about school and having kids in school. You are going to find articles on bullying, homework, teachers, and more.

45+ School Themed Printables & Articles  - 3Dinosaurs.com

Learn about how I do some of our after-school activities in the How Do I Teach After School

Having Fun to Prevent the Summer Slide has some ideas you can use during the summertime!

Taking Tests in School is a look at how we deal with tests of different sizes.

Have a look at Supporting School Projects and how we do it.

The Holiday Celebrations in School is a look at finding out about what holidays schools have and how to help.

What is Teacher Appreciation? and my view on it and a fun free printable for teachers.

See how we keep track of homework in the Managing Homework Ideas.

Keeping an Open Communication with Teachers is a great post about how I keep in contact with teachers plus a free printable as well.

Mommy, Am I Being Bullied? is a look at bullying in schools.

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