Searching for Bugs & Insects

A favorite time for us during the spring is to look outside for bugs! It is a big sign that spring is finally here. For us after a big winter it is always fun to look for those signs of spring. We do this activity for several days not just one, because you never know what you will find that will be different outside and what will be a great learning time.

Searching for Bugs & Insects -

A fun book we have used with some of our observations is called The Big Bug Search (Usborne Great Searches). You can get them from Usborne books. We have enjoyed looking at the many different bugs in the book.

Every year before spring really hits we take a trip to a local place where we can see lots of butterflies. It is called the Butterfly Place. We love to go and it gives us a great chance to look at butterflies up close and enjoy the start of spring. If you have one in your area I encourage you to go.

Searching for Bugs & Insects -

As we start to head outside, we print the cards from the Bug Pack. Then as we find those bugs we circle them on the paper.

Searching for Bugs & Insects -

Directions to print more than one page at a time:

  • Select pages 2,4 (Double check these before printing that the files have not changed)
  • Select Multiple: 2 pages
  • Page order: Horizontal
  • Orientation: Portrait
Searching for Bugs & Insects -

One of the first bugs we saw this year was worms. They always come out in the rain. So we took a stroll in the rain to find them. We also watched two worms in puddle after the rain was done.

Searching for Bugs & Insects -

We observed an ant carrying a worm that was dead around. We looked at the size of the worm compared to the size of the ant.

Searching for Bugs & Insects -

We have watched the bees and bumblebees out in the flowers.

Searching for Bugs & Insects -

We also took a small magnifying glasses that we got a Target to get a closer look at the bug and insects that we might find.

Searching for Bugs & Insects -

Have you done any bug observations?

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  2. My daughter is terrified of bugs (that’s new this year!) but I wonder if a bug hunt might help with that. Hmm… will have to try. Thanks for the idea!

  3. My kids LOVE looking for bugs — I’m going to try out some of these tips.

    Thanks for linking up with The Thoughtful Spot!

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