Using Dot Marker Printables: Fall Tree

How do you do dot marker printables is one of the top questions that I get. I thought I would show a few ways that we used the Dot Marker printables for the Fall Tree in the Fall Dot Marker Extras.

Using Dot Marker Printables: Fall Tree -

The ways to use these pages is open ended. They don’t have to be use the same basic ways every time. I like to change things up and see what different ways they can be used. In the Fall Dot Marker Extras, there are three different trees. Any of these activities could be used with them. I used two different types this time to show what we have been doing. Just remember nothing has to stay just one way.

Dot Markers

These are made to fit Do A Dot Art Marker . I made them because my girls LOVE to use the Do A Dot Art Marker . You don’t have to use just Do A Dot Art Marker . If you don’t have them use round sponge brushes with some washable kids paints. One fun way we do this is roll a die and dot that many spots on the tree.

Using Dot Marker Printables: Fall Tree -

Water Color Pencils or Crayons

I love using watercolor colored pencils with dot marker printables. For the activity shown we used some new water color gel crayons from Target. Which was really neat to use. We did this with the circles and without the circles to have fun with it.

Using Dot Marker Printables: Fall Tree -

ABC Stamps

I uses the alphabet stamp and 6 color stamp pad often. There are many ways to do use the stamps. For this activity we talked about the starting sound of each of the three colors. Yellow start with y. Red starts with r. Orange starts with o. You can do this activity upper or lower cases. We did upper case for this example.

Using Dot Marker Printables: Fall Tree -

Playdough Mats

There is a great tree that is blank. This is easy to use many different ways but the most often we use it with playdough. We used three difference colors of playdough and made our fall tree. We did small circles first and then made some flat leaves later. This is great for developing fine motor with a pinch skills.

Using Dot Marker Printables: Fall Tree -

Hands on Math

I often use them as hands on counting. I give them something to put on and a die to roll. If you don’t have a die use the ones from the Number Writing Practice Dice. I give them something to fill in the circles that is a small object or just let them place items on the tree. We used some small table scatters from Michael’s and Target. You can clean off the paper each time or just let them build up the tree.

Using Dot Marker Printables: Fall Tree -

Fine Motor Drawing

For my older girls I have them use small markers and do designs in the circles. Every picture will turn out differently. This will turn out different for every child’s ideas. We love this. If you need ideas of what to draw try using the Writing Practice Printable Dice.

Using Dot Marker Printables: Fall Tree -

Make It An Art Project

I turn my dot marker pages into art projects a lot. We have loved this Fall Yarn Tree. Never think you can’t make it into a art project. We have done this several times! You never know what your kids will create for it. My favorite things to use is yarn, torn paper and stickers.

Using Dot Marker Printables: Fall Tree -

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  2. My kids would love this! Very creative.

  3. Jill says:

    Dot markers are the best! There is something about them that just makes things more fun 🙂 Your girls did such a fantastic job on the Fall Yarn Trees. Just love that project!

  4. Andi says:

    I love all these little assignments, they didn’t have any of these when I was a kid, I certainly missed out!

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