Where the Wild Things Are Gross Motor

My girls were very excited about this Where the Wild Things Are book activity. We have been having some fun doing activities with Where the Wild Things Are.

You can check out our Kid of theWild Things Crowns we did yesterday.

Today we are doing some gross motor! My girls love doing gross activities. This book was one they wanted to do a gross motor activity for!

Where the Wild Things Gross Motor - 3Dinosaurs.com

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We read through the book Where the Wild Things Are first. Then we talked about what movements you could do for different parts. I love involving my girls in the choices that we do. They will come up with a movement that I might not have thought of.

Gross Motor Movements

A Tree: The girls started small and grew up to a tall tree waving in the breeze.

The Boat: We did some rowing actions for this.

Sea Monster: We did swimming on our stomach.

Where the Wild Things Gross Motor - 3Dinosaurs.com

Claws: We did some swinging arm movements across the body with our claws.

Rumpus: We did some stomping, jumping, wild dancing, and moving around.

Swinging in the Trees: We pretended to swing through the trees. We moved from branch to branch around the room.

Where the Wild Things Gross Motor - 3Dinosaurs.com

Marching through the Forest: We did some high knee marching around the room.
Waving: We did some fast and slow waving with our hands.

Where the Wild Things Gross Motor - 3Dinosaurs.com

Some other movements you could do:
– Climbing up a tree: Do movements like you are climbing up a ladder.
– Bowing to the monsters: Make really big and small bows.
– Create your own monster walk.
– Dancing: Most fast, slow and crazy.

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King of Wild Things Crown- Where the Wild Things Are - 3Dinosaurs.com

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8 Responses to Where the Wild Things Are Gross Motor

  1. Carla says:

    I love all the full-body exercise-y action! What a great way to get into the book!

  2. I love movement activities and this is a perfect book to pair with movement.

  3. Lucy says:

    This was a huge hit with my preschoolers during our Where the Wild Things are Unit. and no prep for me woohoo 🙂

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