Monthly Goals September 2015 – Free Fall Shopping List

Looking back at August I feel that it was a month of making sure I was healthy and taken care of before anything else. It was a refreshing month and full of lots of change for me. I completed lots of projects and worked on various projects during the month. I found that I really liked a cleaner house, and I let some things that worried me go.

Since we are headed to fall, I did think it was time to start working on a Fall Shopping List. You can see more details about this below.

Free Fall Shopping List and Monthly Goals September 2015 -

The idea of these post is to help me focus on what I want to do during the month. I print out this post each month and cross off the things that I get done. I have got so much better about getting my goals done when I write down in some form what they are.

I always break down my goals into three areas: blog, family and personal. When I first started goals, I would just pick whatever and put it there. By giving myself three goal types, it easier to get them done. A few of my goals are every month. There are some goals I keep there until I get them done. Others may see like it is every month but have small parts broken down that I don’t always share.

So what are you goals this month? Leave a goal you are working on in the comments!

3 Dinosaurs Monthly Goals

Blog Goals

I have huge goals for this month, but not all of them got done. Some of it was that we did tons of just free play and free play crafts with no goal in mind on making them. We did some travel and just enjoyed the last of our summer. It included me as well. I want to get back to doing 6 or 7 posts a week. I love doing stuff and don’t always get everything ready on time. That I found this last month was important.

  • Don’t let the negative comments and emails get to me as much – I can’t please everyone
  • Stick to my Fall Blogging Schedule that I have made
  • Finish up next BIG Selling set for October
  • Don’t buy any new craft supplies, use only what I have or limit what we get
  • Clean up my blogging area DAILY. I feel and work better when things are not cluttered. If it takes me 5 minutes to find something it is too messy.
  • Update 2 old post each week or update 2 download pages with links to the blog. (ON GOING)
  • Start write ups on the self help and parenting books I’ve been reading.
  • Come up with a system to keep track of printables completed but not out.
  • Keep a better list of projects started but not finished (I have 12 more to go.)
  • Complete book group and blog hop posts a week before they are due.
  • Work on a few more Themed Book Round Ups
  • Post more of our crafts

Family Goals

August was a great month for us as a family. We did lots of fun projects. We have been enjoying our summer just having fun and not worrying about what is or is not happening. We plan on enjoying the start of fall and school starting. There are always challenges when school starts. I want to meet those challenges and still make fun activities at home.

  • Keep a TO DO LIST! I need this I get more done even if I don’t complete it all
  • Declutter one area 15 minutes every day until one area is clean. The areas I’ll be cleaning are kitchen, stairs, my bedroom, the office room (Look for pictures on Instagram
  • Have no laundry to fold at the end of the day. Then keep track on my to-do list, so I don’t forget laundry in washer.
  • Read more to my girls not less
  • Add to the girls chore list
  • Finish and put chore chart punch card out.
  • Work on a Homework Punch Cards
  • Get the girls outside to play at least 3 times a week
  • Plan out a gross motor month for us in Octoboer
  • Plan out lunches and snacks for school

Personal Goals

August was about me being healthy and not letter other things get in they way of that goal. I’m just starting to feel better. It has been a year since I felt good. I’m hoping to keep going toward gaining my health back. I’m not really where the doctor wants me, but I can work on it.

  • Keep making healthy choices
  • Work on a Daily, Weekly, Months Cleaning Chart
  • Read 5 fun books during the month – Don’t always get new books, enjoy rereading books as well.
  • Finish two books on my self help and parenting books list.
  • Daily Fitness – This means fitness comes before ANYTHING else. Including this blog and printables, yes this will be a challenge but health comes first.
  • Make 10,000 steps EVERY day. I’ll be using a Fitbit Charge HR Wireless Activity Wristband to help with my tracking.
  • Limit all sugar and no soda – VERY important
  • Record all my food
  • Stretch three times a day to avoid problems
  • Color in my coloring book when I get stressed or need a mommy time out

Free Fall Shopping List

The last 9 months of using shopping lists has helped me keep to a budget with my food. When I don’t plan my meals and take my shopping lists with me, I over spend. Plus when I have my lists I don’t spend extra time wandering around. I need my time every day. I make the most of it when I plan. Planning is so important for all things. Even us stay at home moms needs to make sure we make the most of time.

The fall shopping list is just like the others seasons. It is simple and easy to use. I find that I use the Adobe Acrobat feature to print more than one page at a time to print two or more pages together when making my lists. This allows you to use them however you want.

Free Fall Shopping List and Monthly Goals September 2015 -

What you will find in these printables:

  • 2 Different shopping list types: single store or 2 multiple stores
  • Two columns for your list(s)

Looking for To Do list and other seasonal helps? Check them all out:

As always there are other posting their goals as well!

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This is also a link! Here are the people that are co-hosting this monthly! So don’t forget to post your goals if you have them!

Hosted by Mama Smiles, Multi Crafting Mummy, Kitchen Floor Crafts,
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Something new is you can link up you Instagram photos of your goals and working on them! Use the hashtag #monthsgoals. I can’t wait to see some of your pictures! This is a great way more people can join up with posting your own goals.

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4 Responses to Monthly Goals September 2015 – Free Fall Shopping List

  1. Emma says:

    I find the “no new craft supplies” goal very difficult. And I’m completely with on the cluttering goal as well – that one needs a lot of work in our house!

  2. I need to adopt your goal of cleaning up my blogging area daily. It really would make a big difference!

    • Cassie says:

      It does make a difference. I have less clutter and feel so much better about all the work that I do. Plus I keep better track of projects as I go.

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