15+ Counting Easy Reader Books

I have always loved easy reader books. They are fun and kids can get their own personal book to read. I have several on the site but some of my favorites are the counting books!

I love having seasonal and non-seasonal books for kids. They are great because you can change with each season and a great way to get kids counting and seeing numbers.

I have a huge mix of books for you to pick from.

15+ Counting Easy Reader Books - a mix of easy reader books for counting that you can use throughout the year - 3Dinosaurs.com

These all work on numbers from 1 to 10. And some work on 0 to 10. They are all easy to print and use. Plus kids love having their own book to color and count with!

Items we use the most with these number counting books

There are several items we use over and over with these books. I thought I would share a few of them with you.

I have divided up the books below for seasons and non-seasonal. And as more books are added to the site this post will get updated!

Non-Seasonal Counting Easy Reader Books

Dinosaur Number Counting Book For Kids has different dinosaur themes to count

Pirate Coin Counting Easy Reader Book has a pirate with coins you can count.

Olympics Gold Medal Counting Easy Reader Book is a great easy reader book with numbers 0 to 10 counting gold medals. This books works for the summer Olympics and the winter Olympics.

Fall Counting Easy Reader Books

Pencil Counting Book with Chart has a fun chart to follow along with your book.

Apple Tree Counting Easy Reader Book has apple trees to count form 0 to 10. Plus there is a selling set with more counting optoins.

Pumpkin Number Counting Book For Kids has some fun pumpkin in wagon for kids to count.

Candy Corn Counting Easy Reader Book has counting from 0 to 10 with candy corns going up on each page.

Winter Counting Easy Reader Books

Animals in Winter Counting Easy Reader Book counts all the fun animals you see in winter.

Christmas Coloring Counting Book is a fun Christmas themed counting book

Hanukkah Counting Candle Book is gerat for counting the candles each night.

Counting Groundhog Easy Reader Book has fun groundhog and shadows to count.

Counting Snowflake Number Easy Reader Book is a fun winter theme with several different snowflakes.

Horseshoe Number Counting Book For Kids is a great St. Patrick’s Day Counting Book.

Spring Counting Easy Reader Books

Spring Counting Easy Reader Book has spring items with counting and tracing.

Ladybug Number Counting Book & Chart has ladybugs in a jar and a cute chart to matching the book.

Summer Counting Easy Reader Books

Summer Kids Counting Easy Reader Book has kids doing summer activities with counting and tracing

Fireworks Themed Counting & Color Word Easy Reader Book has color and counting in this set.

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