Free Medieval Pack

Today is a great day 3 Dinosaurs has officially been around for 1 year! My special treat for today is a Free Medieval Pack. This is a special pack that lots of new things. I hope you enjoy it!

Medieval Printables

These Medieval printables are to be used with children from 2 to 8. These printables were made to go with the several different books. Check out the Things to Use with this pack for the list of books.

This is a group project with Royal Baloo! All of the printables will cover Tot to 3rd grade! This is a great resource for everyone to use!

Graphics: from Melonheadz Illustrating and Doodles

Medieval Printables

Medieval Pack contains over 215 pages:
(Part 1) 3 part Cards, Which One Is Different, What Comes Next?, Prewriting Practice, Pattern Cards, Matching Cards, Shadow Matching, 4 Piece Puzzles, 10 Piece Puzzles, Number Clip Cards 1 to 20

(Part 2) Beginning Sound Clip Cards, Size Sequencing Figures, Size Sorting, Pocket Card Cards, Trace Beginning Sounds, Trace the Word, write the Word, Cutting Practice, Sorting, Hands on Math (Counting, Addition, Subtraction and Greater Than/Less Than)

(Part 3) Roll & Count Dragons (1-10, 1-5), Roll & Count Questions Dragons, Roll & Count Prince & Princess (1-10, 1-5), Roll & Count Questions Prince & Princess, Roll & Count Knights (1-10, 1-5), Roll & Count Questions Knights, Knights, princess, and dragons Color by Size & Questions, Word Matching & Tracing,– Word Matching with Fill in the Letters, Shadow Matching Single Page, Picture Matching Single Page, Find the Same, Shape Building Questions, Color by Shape

(Part 4) Color Matching Dragons & Castles, Color Matching Dragons, Color & Trace Pages, Write a Sentence, Writing Prompts, Matching the Correct Blend Sounds, Under Line the Blends & Digraphs, Write in the Digraphs & Blends, Color by Number & Word, Label the Pictures, Easy Reader Who Do you See

(Part 5) Color the Pattern, Fill in the Missing Pattern How Many Syllables, Comparing Objects with Words, Things to tell a story with

Tot Pack contains 56 pages:
Solid Line Prewriting, Cutting Practice, 2 Piece Puzzles, Color the Knights Shield Book, Color the Dragon Book, Matching Cards, 9 Piece Puzzles, Single Page matching, Roll & Count (1-5), Shape Tracing, Dot the Letter (D, K, P, Q), Lacing Cards, Beginning Sounds Coloring Pages

Thanks for joining me here at 3 Dinosaurs! I hope you enjoy this Medieval Pack!

Cassie –

About Cassie

Cassie is a mom of three stomping, romping, and roaring girls. She blogs about fun art and craft activities and printables she makes. She includes the odd review of products every now and then. She also blogs about the places that she has taken the girls called trip reviews. She has a few free printable pack for kids ages 2 to 8 and always adding more. She loves to get comments and feedback and always looking for new things to try or do with her girls.
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44 Responses to Free Medieval Pack

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  2. Happy Blogiversary, Cassie! You’ve added so much to the blogosphere in the last year … I’m so impressed and truly grateful! Thanks for another great pack! I pinned it to my Middle Ages Unit Study Board at

  3. Cassie,

    You are just in time for our unit about knights! I may just be able to include some of your hard work into our school unit and feature it on my blog. Thanks for sharing on TGIF; I found this pack through it.

  4. My daughter loves all things princessy! Thanks for sharing this awesome kit.

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  6. Nicole says:

    Stopping over from TGIF!! Happy Blog Anniversary to you!! I love your Medieval printables, I am pinning and will be using them for our upcoming unit. Thanks for taking the time to share these. Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

  7. Melissa G. says:

    Happy Anniversary! Thanks for all you (and the others you are associated with) do to help me homeschool! Your ideas and packets are always so great! Thanks for all the hard work you do so I don’t have to.

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  9. Erika says:

    Wow! Thanks 🙂 Pinned! ….and happy anniversary!

  10. Deedee says:

    Thanks so much! Perfect timing…we are doing a week of “royal” activities in two weeks with our 3 year olds. Can’t wait to print off lots of adorable things! All of your hard work is truly appreciated!

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  12. Congratulations on your anniversary! This pack looks great, thank you so much for your hard work. Sharing with my readers

  13. Tulip says:

    You do so many awesome printables! My kids will love the medieval pack and learning all about real kings and queens. Thank you and congratulations on one year!

  14. Deb says:

    Thanks so much for your creative printables! I just found your site last week. Just FYI, I found an error in the Medieval Part 1 download. There is a picture with 25 shields but I think you meant to make 20 shields since the choices were “18, 20, 19”.

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  16. What great resources and soooo many items! Excellent packets. Thanks for sharing!

  17. AMC says:

    Just found your blog through Classroom Freebies. Congrats on your anniversary. What an incredible freebie. I am pinning it to my social studies board – I teach older children but it would be great for special needs children in my class. Thanks so much.

    Looking From Third to Fourth

  18. Tami says:

    These are really cute! Happy blog anniversary!

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  21. Beth says:

    Cassie this is AMAZING! What a huge pack with so many wonderful educational activities.

    I had a Medieval pack about to release, but I think I will wait a couple months now =-)

    I featured it this week at TGIF here: – Feel free to grab an I was featured button if you like.

    Thanks for linking up and sharing your creativity with all of us! Hope to see you linked up again today.

    Have a great weekend,
    Beth =-)

    • Cassie says:

      Thanks I wanted to do something special for my 1 Year anniversary. And this is one my girls really wanted. We have had tons of fun with it!

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  23. Rebecca says:

    Happy anniversary – a year is a great achievement

    Thanks for linking to the Sunday showcase. I’ve pinned this to our board.

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  28. Donya Guerrero says:

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful printable pack. It’s talented moms like you that make it so much easier for less creative moms like myself 😉 to homeschool. Your talents and generosity are appreciated.

  29. pat Aitchison says:

    I love what you have put together. My daughter teaches fourth grade in Spanish. Middle ages, American revolution, geography. etc and it seems impossible to find anything in Spanish. Looking for the easiest things for her to translate.

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