Gross Motor Playing in Leaves

At a time when we should have been doing something else. Someone presented us with a pile of leaves.

How can you say no to that? This was great gross motor practice without me doing a thing!

Gross Motor Playing in Leaves -

Playing in the leaves can be some of the following gross motor:

  • running in the leaves
  • throwing the leaves
  • picking up the leaves
  • bending up and down
  • rolling in the leaves
  • raking leaves
  • running with hands out front holding leaves
  • jumping over the leaves
  • jumping in the leaves
  • leave angles

Plus add in sensory of just playing in the leaves.

Gross Motor Playing in Leaves

Do you plan on playing in leaves this year? Do you kids even like playing in leaves?

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Gross Motor Activities

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13 Responses to Gross Motor Playing in Leaves

  1. tricia says:

    Totally and completely jealous! We don’t get leaf piles like that often around us! The pictures are perfect! That is childhood right there!

    • admin says:

      This is not at our house. Someone else was kind enough to let us know they had leaves for the girls to play in. I’m blessed that they thought enough to let us come over.

  2. Dawn says:

    Yes, we will jump in leaves again this year! We have tons each year, although none yet as it still feels like summer here in Houston…no leaves dropping yet. I will have to invite some friends to enjoy our leaves with us, our friends who don’t have mature trees like we do. I love this simple pleasure of the season!

  3. kimbely says:

    OH Yes….i have taken my toddlers out everyday for a week and we have been discovering (or rediscovering in my case) the JOY of leaves! From raking them with our feet along the fence to throwing them up and letting the wind blow them across the playground….whee!, to mounding them and jumping with squeals of delight. It has been a wonderful feeling knowing that memories are being made. One of my own first memories is walking home from school thigh high in leaves….the sight and smells of autumn is one that I believe my toddlers will remember long after they leave my care.

  4. Kendall says:

    I might ask my mom to rake up some leaves into a big pile so they kids can play in them before she puts them in the yard debris can!

  5. We LOVE playing in the leaves. I actually tried to clean some up from our yard today, but as quickly as I could rake it, my little ones were in there playing!

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