Great Book Finds from June 2017

Summer is here and we are full on headed to the library as much as we can. That means we go through a lot of books! It is hard to pick just a few books. We go through at least 50 books a week!

Plus we make several trips to bookstores as well. This month we pick out some we liked from the las week. There are just so many books!

Each of these books this time was a library find for us. They were books we loved and read more than one time.

Great Book Finds from June 2017: animals, geography, people, countries, gardens, numbers, feelings, traveling, growing up, ponds, elphant and piggie  -

Click on the links and pictures below to go to Amazon to find out more about these books. Plus sometimes get a preview of the book! Plus any purchase of books goes to help 3 Dinosaurs keep going.

This Is How We Do It: One Day in the Lives of Seven Kids from around the World is my FAVORITE book from this month. If you want your kids to see just how different things are around the whold check this out. You can see what they eat, how they sleep, play and more. I love showing my girls that the world is different and this books was perfect for that. The preview of the book on Amazon show some of the pages.

What Will Grow? is a great look at the different types of seeds and what they will grow into. There are a few pages that are life the flap as well! There is detailed information about the seed at the end of the book.

7 Ate 9 is a funny to read nubmer book. Loads of eight vs ate word mixes. We had fun reading the book and finding out if 7 really did eat 9! Plus there are a few letters in the book as well.

Teacup is a great book with wonderful pictures. We loved looking at them all. A boy leaves home with some soil of where he played in a teacup. He travels in his boat. He sees many things that remind him of home and soon something starts to grow in his teapot. It is a great story about how you can weather what life brings to you.

On Duck Pond (On Bird Hill and Beyond) is a great book about ponds. There are so many animals to see and find in this book. You see what happens when some ducks land on a pond and everything gets away from the noise. Then you see the pond go back to normal. There is more information about the animals in the pond at the back of the book.

Today I Feel . . .: An Alphabet of Feelings is a great ABC books for exploring all sorts of feelings that you can have. Are you excited? Are you Quiet? I love the way this books show so many different feelings and the drawing match up so well. Amazon has a great preview of this one as well.

Emma and the Whale is a fun story about a girl who loves the search the beach shore during love tide for teasures. She is always going to gather something. But one day she finds a baby whale.

Elephant & Piggie Like Reading! The Good for Nothing Button! is one I can’t believe we missed! We love the Like Reading Series! This book yellow bird has a button but does nothing. But it is fun wehn it does something for red and blue bird!

What books did you find this month?

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