Great Fun to Read Book Finds November 2018

Picture books are something all ages can enjoy! We always love reading them. I’m always enjoying looking through them. Plus we love seeing what new books we can find.

This month we have a collection of books from the library. Yes, we visit the library often. Most times at least once or twice a week. We cycle through a lot of books. It is always fun to see the new books and find old favorites.

These books are the favorites we found this month. And yes all 4 of us read the picture books.

November 2018 Book Finds: wordless books, aliens, adjusting to new places, writing ideas, different types of maps, kindness -

As always there are links to Amazon for each of the books to see samples and read more details about the books.

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial: The Classic Illustrated Storybook (Pop Classics) is a great mix of the movie in a book form for kids to read and see. We had a blast reading this classic story.

On the Other Side of the Garden is a story about a girls that is taken to live with her grandmother in the country. She is scared and does not know her grandmother. She takes a stroll in the garden and things afterwards seem much better. I love the color changes in the book as the story goes along. But this book is about how meeting others and getting friends can help you accept change.

Shelter is about the smallest acts of kindness can mean the most. There is a blizzard coming and all the animals are prepared for it. Two strangers are looking for shelter for the blizzards and they get lots of no. But when they can help someone else out they do.

A Boy and a House is a great wordless book about finding a picture and looked to find the person that drew it. I love the pictures and how the boy wanders through the house. We had a blast looking at the pictures.

Mapping Sam is a great book about different types of maps and how they show us things. You see where Sam goes but learn about all sorts of maps while you travel with Sam. I love these books that sneak in so many great learning things.

Idea Jar is about writing ideas in a jar. There are so many ways you can use ideas I love all the different combination of ideas that they come up with! You can always have fun writing about different things.

Did you find any good books this month?

Novmeber Book Finds -

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