Red Pajama Lacing Activity

Every month we look forward to our Virutal Book Club Activities! October’s book is a fun one! Llama Llama Red Pajama has been a favorite at bedtime for a while. It is a great book for reminding kids that some times mom just get busy and will always be there.

We made a fun pajama lacing activity to go with the book this month.

Lacing Red Pajamas activity for kids -

This lacing activity was easy to make for my daughter. My girls have always liked lacing cards. I love the colored foam sheet they are fun to make activities with.

My youngest is trying to build up her fine motor skills to improve her writing. We have been doing lots of different lacing style activities. The foam sheets make great lacing cards. We have been doing various themes during the year. I also like to change up what we use to lace them with.

I made a pattern for the shirt and pants that we used. I cut them out and used a hand punch to make the holes.

What you need for this activity: red foam sheet, hand punch, and suede lace.

Lacing Red Pajamas activity for kids -

I gave her the pick of if wanted to do the top or the bottoms first. This is an easy activity to do. I liked using the suede lace because it gave a different texture to the lacing. She worked on the shirt first.

Lacing Red Pajamas activity for kids -

Then she did the pants. It was fun to see her wiggle and move the foam around as she did each of the pieces of clothes.

Lacing Red Pajamas activity for kids -

Here are some fun ways to change this up:

  • Put letters on the holes for them to say the letters at each one they go through.
  • Put Only Uppercase and Lowercase of one letter and have them do just uppercase or lowercase holes.
  • Put numbers and count them.
  • Use the numbers and have them use only even or odd number holes.
  • Have them unlace the pajamas
Lacing Red Pajamas activity for kids -

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9 Responses to Red Pajama Lacing Activity

  1. Cerys says:

    What a fantastic fine motor activity, I’ll have to hunt out our craft foam and create some as we’re very into sewing at the moment.

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  8. Catherine Williams says:

    Do you have the pajama templete?

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