Science: Water Walking

Since I first learned about this activity from Royal Baloo. I’m been wanting to do it!

Science: Water Walking -

This is a fun and easy to set up experiment. Plus you can do this over and over and still think it is fun. The girls did this activity over and over to watch what happens.

What you need: clear cups, food coloring, water, paper towels and small bin turned over.

Science: Water Walking -

We put out 4 cups and arranged them to get ready for the experiment. We also put the food coloring in the cups.

Science: Water Walking -

We added water to the cups. The cups were fill very full to make the experiment happen faster.

Science: Water Walking -

We started the cup blue first and then started the red cup.

Science: Water Walking -

We did a color mixing with the red and the blue. The blue had more in the cup than red. I put a small drop of red food coloring at the top of the paper towel and you could see it travel down the towel.

Science: Water Walking -

We repeated the experiment with blue and yellow to make green. You could see the color mixing much better than the purple we had made.

Science: Water Walking -

To mix things up we tried some cloth fabric to see what would happen. The cloth I picked was not really good at absorbing water. It was to see what the girls thought would happen. We looks at the fabric and compared it to the paper towels. The end results was the fabric picked up very little of the water and color and did not walk as it had done with the paper towels.

Science: Water Walking -

If you are looking for a much longer experiment try putting the glasses side by side with the water further down in the cup. They can check it during the day. We let ours go over night to see what would happen. The end result that we found was that the water went into the other cup until they had equal water.

Science: Water Walking -

If you are looking for some good tips for this activity check out Royal Baloo’s post on The ‘Walking’ Water Experiment.

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