5 Days of Chomping Fun with A Shark Week!

Sharks are a great summer theme! I love watching shark week with my girls. I thought for the next free printable week we would have a shark week!

These weeks are a great way to have some fun learning with seasonal printables! And maybe add some shark learning to your summer.

And this is a great addition to the ocean printables on the site!

5 Days of Chomping Fun with A Shark Week! - Fun with math, language and other printables with a shark theme - 3Dinosaurs.com

The shark week series will have math, language, and more! I can’t wait for you to see what the week has in store! It is always fun to create new and fun ideas.

Plus I’m joined by JDaniel4’s Mom! She will be putting out 5 days of shark printables as well! So you will get 10 printables at the end of the week with a shark theme!

Plus all these printables were in response to people asking for something they needed some extra help with. I love making fun printables that help with learning.

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Day 1:
Shark Shape Matching Puzzles has 12 fun shape puzzles that kids can learn with. They have fun shark fins as part of the matching.

Printable Shark Algorithm Game Boards by JDaniel4’s Mom is a super cool offline coding activity that kids can do. These are get to get them started on coding.

Day 2:
Shark Fin CVC Words Break the Code is way to work on CVC words for -an, -en, -in, and -un. It has 3 cards for each CVC word family ending and is great for sounding out words.

Color By Binary Numbers Shark Coloring Pages by JDaniel4’s Mom is a great way to teach kids binary. It is explore different types of learning with kids.

Day 3:
Hands-On Shark ABC Matching Printable is a way for kids to work on matching letters to beginning sound pictures. I show you a few different ways to use the cards.

Decoding Shark Words Printables by JDaniel4’s Mom is a great way to work on shark words.

Day 4:
Shark Themed R-Controlled AR Easy Reader Book is a easy reader books with 8 pages that focus on “ar” words.

Binary Code for Kids- Spelling Shark Printables by JDaniel4’s Mom is great way to work binary code with shark words. You have three words to work on.

Day 5:
Hands-On Learning With Shark Ten Frames 1 to 10 has two sets of cards one filled out and one blank. These are great for counting and addition.

Jump the Shark Math Games for Early Learners by JDaniel4’s Mom is a great set of counting games for kids to learn with.

Don’t forget to check out the Shark Pack! It goes great with these printables.

Shark Printables

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