Worcester Art Museum Trip Review

If you kids like art they will live this art museum. It is a small art museum in Worcester, MA. There are several great full time art exhibits in the museum. It is easy to get around and perfect for when you want to just a great introduction to different types of art work.

Worcester Art Museum Trip Review - 3Dinosaurs.com

Name: Worcester Art Museum
Location: Worcester, MA
Website: http://www.worcesterart.org/
Length of stay: 2 1/2 hours

One of my favorite parts about this museum is the entryway tiles. They can be seen from ground and the second floor. It is great to look at you can see the patterns and the time it took for it to be made. This is a great site and one that you can talk with your kids about the Renaissance period.

Worcester Art Museum Trip Review - 3Dinosaurs.com

They have several different periods you can explore in the museum. The first floor has a collection of Medieval, Roman, Asian, Egyptian and a few others. The collections give you some fun pieces to look at. Plus it is not so large that you get lost in sections. Each section has a great collection for the periods they cover.

Worcester Art Museum Trip Review - 3Dinosaurs.com

The second floor has some 14th to 20 Century European Art work. This section also now hosts the Collection from the Higgins Armory. The Knight section has some clothes that kids can try on have some fun with dress up. The European art work is great for kids to look at the different styles are you go through the museum.

Worcester Art Museum Trip Review - 3Dinosaurs.com

The third and fourth floors are a little smaller and have Early & Modern American art and some current 20th Century. The collection is really time. This also has an are for the traveling exhibits. This was nice to see. We also noticed in this section that there was someone in each of the rooms. They were more than happy to answer questions that we had about the pieces.

Worcester Art Museum Trip Review - 3Dinosaurs.com

We really loved out visit there and hope to visit again soon. It is a reasonable price for a visit.

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