Great Book Finds for August 2017

It is always nice to find new books to read. We are always on the look at for new books. We always take time to stop at the library at least once a week get books to read. Yes, chapter books and picture books. All my girls still read picture books. We can still learn a lot in a picture book. Plus many of them are at different reading levels.

Plus picture books give all of us a chance to practice reading aloud to each other. We try and do a group reading of picture books at least once a week. It is fun and we all enjoy it.

Great Book Finds for August 2017: war, heroes, courage, sharks, autism, fear, animals  -

This month I also had the chance to look at two books that will be coming out soon. I was given advance copies of them. You can find more about them below. As always there is a link to Amazon for you to see additional information about the books. Sales of books go to help keep 3 Dinosaurs going!

The Girl Who Thought in Pictures: the Story of Dr. Temple Grandin (Amazing Scientists) is a great look at autism and one great lady over came it to become a scientist. It is a good book about showing how you can overcome many things to do something great. I love how the book shows her journey and what she learned. I love how this book showed how she thought and how she learned.

The Thing Lou Couldn’t Do was a good book. Lou could do everything but climb a tree. She likes to stay on the ground. The book shows the emotions that Lou went through in starting to over come her fear and try a new adventure.

Soldier Song: A True Story of the Civil War is a look at the Civil War and the songs of soldiers during that time. The book goes into the war and different parts of it. There are snippets of letters from both sides of the war. YOu also have a look at the song Home Sweet Home. We learned a lot by reading through this book.

Flowers for Sarajevo is about a boy who sells flowers with his father. War comes to near their city and his father has to go. He is left selling flowers by himself. When a bakery is hit near by and kills 22 people he sees a heroic act and wants to help out too. I love the story and how people came together to help each other out in their morning.

Feathers and Hair, What Animals Wear is a fun look at all the different types of animals and what they wear. Is it soft, slippery or hard? I love all the descriptive words used in the book.

How to Survive as a Shark is a book we loved. It givs you a unique look at sharks and how they live in the ocean. Plus loads of new words to learn and facts! We loved this book and have read it several times and hope to read it several times more.

August Book Finds -

Check out these books from the last few months:

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