Fall Yarn Tree – Red Leaf Yellow Leaf

One of our favorite parts of fall is the color the leaves on the trees. We did this fun Yarn Tree to show the fall colors on the trees. This is a fun easy to do craft for fall.

Fall Yarn Trees

We read Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf by Lois Ehlert for the Virtual Book Club. A great book about the Maple Sugar Tree. My girls loved this book last year and loved it again this year.

What you need: fall dot marker tree, glue and yarn red, yellow & orange.

Yarn Trees

The girls put glue on the paper where they wanted the leaves to be. Each had a different idea of how big the tree should be.

Yarn Trees

Then they put their leaves on. Amelia had to make sure hers had falling leaves as well.

Yarn Trees
Yarn Trees
Yarn Trees
Yarn Trees

Every now and then they tested to see if all the yarn was staying on or needed more glue.

Yarn TreesYarn Trees

The yarn was pressed down to make it stick more to the glue.

Yarn Trees

The final product.

Yarn Trees
Yarn Trees

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Cassie is a mom of three stomping, romping, and roaring girls. She blogs about fun art and craft activities and printables she makes. She includes the odd review of products every now and then. She also blogs about the places that she has taken the girls called trip reviews. She has a few free printable pack for kids ages 2 to 8 and always adding more. She loves to get comments and feedback and always looking for new things to try or do with her girls.
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42 Responses to Fall Yarn Tree – Red Leaf Yellow Leaf

  1. stephanie says:

    This is a clever idea! Both my boys would love doing this. Putting it on my list!

  2. I love those. I’ve seen a lot of fall tree crafts but I’ve never seen one with yarn leaves. What an easy and cute way to do it!

  3. Samantha says:

    We also read Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf! Love the yarn trees! Very Creative!

  4. These trees are super cute! Can’t wait to try this with my little ones as the leaves change color! I love Fall!

  5. Allison says:

    Lovely trees! What a fun way to make a fall tree.

  6. You have so many creative tree idea! I love this yarn tree, and all of its autumn colors.

  7. Michelle says:

    I love your yarn trees. The colors are great! This looks like such a fun activity. This is the same book that we did.

  8. Art Mama says:

    I have a bunch of pre-cut yarn (the kind they use for hook rugs) that I was given forever ago. This looks PERFECT for using it! Thank you!

  9. I love what you are doing with yarn. It is such a wonderful small motor crafting material. The trees look great. Thank you for linking to Read.Explore.Learn.

  10. This are adorable! I can’t wait to try it with my daughters. I love that it will work for muliple ages. Thank you so much for sharing and hosting the Virtual Book Club for Kids!

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  12. Momma Jo says:

    I love this. I’m definitely going to do this one with the kidlets. Thanks for sending me the link

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  19. Jessica says:

    What a great idea! And such great fine motor skill practice! I wondered if you’d be willing to let me link to this post in a fall kids craft round up I’m putting together on my blog. If I could link to it and use one of your pictures, it’d be great!

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