Our Great Library Book Finds October 2017

Every week we go to the library and we love it. My girls enjoy getting new books every week. I love having new books to read to them.

This month I challenged them to find new books by authors they knew that they liked. They told me their authors in advance and we went looking to see what they would find.

I was shocked that all three found new books by their authors! We loved reading them. Their authors were: Mo Willems, Margaret Wise Brown, and Jan Brett.

Library Book Finds from October 2017: mermaids, directions, shapes, fear, frank lloyd wright, maps, mermaid, ocean, Robinson Cursoe - 3Dinosaurs.com

All the books have links to Amazon where you can see more information plus a preview of most of the books. Plus any purchases help 3 Dinosaurs keep going!

Hug This Book! is a great book about things we can do and like about books. There are so many different places we can read and take our books and this book explores some of them! We had fun looking at the different places.

Robinson is about a boy who dresses up asn Robinson Cursoe. He has read the book but his friends have not and make fun of him. It was not fun at all and he went home and went to bed. He had a dream that be was Robinson and was on the island. I love the story and Robinson Cursoe was one of my favorite books growing up. I also love that this book is based in part on a true story.

Sam, the Most Scaredy-cat Kid in the Whole World: A Leonardo, the Terrible Monster Companion is another great book by Mo Willems! We always enjoy his books and love reading them. You never know who will see in his books. I love how two kids that are scared of everything learn to get along.

The Mermaid is a great story by Jan Brett that is a twist on Goldielocks at the Threee Bears but in the ocean! I love the pictures and how wonderful the whole story is. You get to see how different you look at things in the ocean. I enjoy reading her stories over and over.

The Shape of the World: A Portrait of Frank Lloyd Wright is a story about a boy who grew up to be an architect. It was what his mother wanted him to be. She gave him blocks to build with. He saw shapes with in shapes. That all things were made from different shapes. The story shows how he built buildings match nature and the wold around them. I look the pictures and artwork in the book.

North, South, East, West is another great book by Margaret Wise Brown. I love following the bird as she flies to many different directions and shows you what the bird saw as she flew. It is fun to read the book and follow the great word choices.

October Book Finds - 3Dinosaurs.com

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