Wonderful Book Finds from 2016

2016 has come to a close, and we have read loads of books that we loved! Each book we find is one that we have grown to love over the time we read it.

Each month we look for books. A lot of our books we find at the library. We love going to the library each week. Plus once a month we go to the bookstore and get a new book. There is always something for us to check out.

Below is the collection of all the books we found in 2016. WE all have fun reading the different picture books. And picture books are not just for preschool and kindergarten. Picture books can be read for years to come. Even my 5th grader reads picture books.

Wonderful Book Finds from 2016 with over 80 books to check out!

Below you will see an image of the books and the themes. You can click through to the posts to find out more information about the books and links to Amazon where you might be able to read samples of the books.

There are over 80 books you can check out and something to appeal to everyone!

January Book Finds

January 2016 Book Find Themes: Pete the Cat, growing up, robots, spells, mom, zombis, monsters, thankful.

February Book Finds

February Book Find Themes: ABCs, pets, animals, gardens, rhyming, owls, poems.

March Book Finds

March Book Find Themes: night time, animals, ABC, friends, owls, library, and Rome.

April Book Finds

April Book Find Themes: Goldilocks & 3 Bears, history, phrases & sayings, ocean, moving, easy reader book, interactive books.

May Book Finds

May Book Find Themes: butterflies, Elephant & Piggie, thank you, travel with kids, color, dancing, animal sounds and early readers.

June Book Finds

June Book Find Themes: birds, Noah’s Ark, animals, shapes, box, fear of heights, women report in the 40s, bullies, and birds.

July Book Finds

July Book Find Themes: Pete the Cat, math, dragons & knights, poems, animals, dreams and the airport.

August Book Finds

August Book Find Themes: history, dragons, wordless books, zoos, bugs, art works.

September Book Finds

September Book Find Themes: farm, ocean, wordless books, cats, space, boats.

October Book Finds

October Book Find Themes: Pete the Cat, bedtime, dragons, writing stories, snowy days, friends, Thanksgiving, rain.

November Book Finds

November Book Find Themes: friends, elephant and piggie, fear, family, pets, dragons, knights, books, and plants.

December Book Finds

December Book Find Themes: abcs, owls, the moon, knitting, bugs, stories, history, and bedtime.

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  1. Jill says:

    I would love to have these lists in a printable version that I can take to the library with us!

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